A family vacation at the Wibmerhof
in the middle of Taisten

Wibmerhof is ideal for family vacations: The large garden with play area and sunbathing lawn, the pavilion and the barbeque as well as numerous animals is sure to help create beautiful memories.

Your children can meet many animals at our farm in Taisten: dairy cows, young calves, cats, rabbits, hens and pigs as well. Young eyes light up when it comes to helping to feed animals or just watching. At the Wibmerhof farm there is always something happening and there is lots to discover!

Home made products

In the entrance area you will find all our home-made products such as yoghurt, milk, eggs, fruit spreads and syrups, which you can buy. Please contact us.

Our guests may of course use the fresh herbs directly from the garden for cooking (depending on season and availability).

Our herbs in the garden: chives, rosemary, sage, oregano, parsley, basil and celery.

Our small library

In the entrance area you can also borrow various books and board games.

Books in German language: Katzenfreunde, Piratenalarm in der Karibik, Leserabe, Mein Freund der Wald, Spielebuch, Kinderlexikon, Campus, inso Biachl, Gsies und Villgraten, Welsberg und Taisten, Tiere.

Books in Italian language: Fiori delle Alpi, Eredità, Dolomiti, Eva dorme, Fiabe delle Dolomiti, La fattoria, Tures – Aurina.


Family vacations at Wibmerhof